Street Survival - Advanced Defensive Driving



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Course Overview:

The course is laid out in a logical sequence; therefore, it is best to work your way progressively through the menu items from left (top to bottom) to the right (top to bottom).

  • ➤ Maintenance - Taking care of vehicle and economizing.

  •  Safety - Equipment, safe trip, accident info.

  •  Thinking - 1st Golden Rule - Never Assume Anything..

  •  Dangers - 2nd Golden Rule - Expect the Unexpected..

  •  Defensive - 3rd Golden Rule - Plan Ahead..

Work through the course systematically and apply the principles as you go along.

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  • Each node is a page.

  • Start from the top-level node before going the next level down as each parent node is a page with a summary or introduction to the children or sub-menu pages below it.

  • The menu is highlighted on each level for the page that is open, so you can easily follow the menu trail of where you are on the website.

  • Some menu items go to the same page where the information would otherwise be duplicated.

  • Some pages have the same name but present the information in a different context.

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  • The left side of the page contains a summary and/or introduction to the accompanying instructional video to the right.

  • Icons:

  •       ⚠️ Warning - More shocking (not graphic or gory) content.

  •       ☠️ Alert - Common high-risk areas.

  •        🛈  Information - Statistics and useful information.

  •       💡 Tip - Handy suggestion.

  •        ?   Question - Practical questions and answers.

  •       📹 Comment - Opportunity to give feedback on video.

  • Links:

  •        - Takes you to the top of the page.

  •       ⮟ - Will jump to the relevant text block on the same page. 

  •        - Will open a new tab so that you don't lose your place                 on the original page.

  • References:

  •       Pages - Links to any external sites will open in a separate          tab.

  •       Videos - 'Description' section of the YouTube video.


  • On the right side of the page and contains the main visually based training material.

  • I have put forth every effort to ensure that each clip is unique.

  • Each video follows the same format:

  •       Title - Shows the topic covered and the Menu path                       where it can be found.

  •       Introductory Video:

  •             Introduction to the topic.

  •       Training Video:

  •             Commentary:

  •                   a) Animation - Highlights the hazard.

  •                   b) Examples - Shows different scenarios.

  •             Montage:

  •                   A random collection of on topic video snippets.

  •                   Use as a training tool to predict various scenarios.

  • Animations:

  •       Scale - Not to scale with refence to speed and size, just for        illustration purposes.

  •       Cars:

  •             Red - Bad Guy.

  •             Green - Good Guy.

  •             Traffic Lights - Will point out which vehicle applies to.

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See YouTube page on how to get the best out of the videos.

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