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Oncoming (Intersection)

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Vehicles approaching an intersection directly ahead are more noticeable than those from the side, however in the case of an accident the impact is greater due to the forces being linear as opposed to angular:

Dangers Intersection Oncoming


An oncoming vehicle at an intersection traveling straight, could well land up in the opposing lane and impact vehicles facing the other direction.

At an intersection where one vehicle is traveling straight ahead and an oncoming vehicle turns across its path, poses one of the highest risk scenarios in terms of accidents.


Although not that common, the possibility exists at an intersection where a vehicle collides with a vehicle in the oncoming lane by crossing over to the wrong side of the road.


A more common and dangerous scenario at an intersection where an oncoming vehicle collides with another vehicle turning across its path.


When two oncoming vehicles are both turning in the same direction, there are scenarios where their paths cross and lend itself to an accident.

Cross Direction

A collision can arise when oncoming vehicle's turn across each others paths at an intersection.

Same Direction

Oncoming vehicles can impact each other when both are turning in the same direction at an intersection.

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Street Survival - Advanced Defensive Driving