Street Survival - Advanced Defensive Driving

🛈 Things to check before shutting down a car

  • Before stopping, make sure you are in a safe area. See Parking.

  • Close any windows. If you are going to leave any animals in the vehicle, leave a bit of a gap in two windows on diagonally opposite sides of the vehicle so that there will be enough airflow through the cabin.

  • Bring the vehicle to a complete stop: Ensure that the car is in a safe and appropriate location, such as a parking spot or the side of the road, before turning off the engine.

  • Put the transmission in "Park" (for automatic) or engage the handbrake (for manual): This prevents the vehicle from rolling unexpectedly once the engine is turned off.

  • Turn off any electrical accessories: Before switching off the engine, turn off all electrical accessories such as lights, radio, air conditioning, and windshield wipers. This helps to conserve the battery power for the next startup.

  • Turn off the engine: Once you have completed the necessary safety checks, turn the ignition key to the "off" position or press the engine start/stop button to shut off the engine.

  • Ignition: Remove the keys from the ignition. This will prevent the vehicle from moving unexpectedly and reduce the risk of accidents.

  • After removing the key from the ignition, you may want to turn the steering to the 'Locked' position.

? Should I rev the car engine before switching off?

This habit may have started for whatever reason old school engines may have benefitted from doing so, however, for modern engines it is not necessary and will be more detrimental than doing any good.

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Street Survival - Advanced Defensive Driving