Street Survival - Advanced Defensive Driving



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Follow these steps when starting the vehicle.

Safety Trip Engine


  • Put your foot on the brake.

  • This is an added precaution, just in case the vehicle happens to be in gear.

Accelerator Pedal

  • Do NOT put your foot on the accelerator or gas pedal.

Inserting Key

  • Have a look at the accompanying video on a practical tip of how to easily find the keyhole and insert the key.

Warning Lights

  • When turning on the ignition, take a brief couple of seconds, before starting the engine, to check that all the warning lights in the instrument panel are working.

  • You don't want a critical warning light not to indicate a problem because the light is not working.

  • Once you are familiar with where all the warning lights are located, you will be able to check quickly just at a glance.

  • Also check if there are any warning lights indicating that a door is not closed properly.

  • Glance at the fuel gauge to make sure you have enough for the trip.

Engine Ignition

  • Do not hold key for longer than necessary. Release once engine catches.

  • Let the engine catch on its own without pressing the accelerator or gas pedal.

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Street Survival - Advanced Defensive Driving