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In this section I will post videos of real-life trips that I take.

Join me on each journey as I provide commentary on events as they happen and how to apply Advanced Defensive Driving principles along the way.

It will be like sitting alongside an Advanced Defensive Driving instructor right there from the safety and comfort of your home. How good is that?

Watch this space!

📹Videos - Real Life trips:

? Questions:

Safety Trip Real Life

📹 Tips

Watch this space for a compilation of real-life trips that contain handy tips.

Video 01

📹 Consideration

Watch this space for a compilation of real-life trips where consideration was shown to other road users.

Video 01

📹 Bad Drivers

Watch this space for a compilation of real-life trips where bad drivers are captured on camera.

Video 01

? Which nation and gender are involved in more fatal road accidents?

See the accompanying chart and article from CompareTheMarket.

Sadly, as a South African driver, I am uniquely positioned to see firsthand the quality of driving on our roads.

Look out for the real-life videos that will suitably demonstrate this point.

At the same time though, it also affords me the opportunity, by means of this website, to educate and raise the level of safety on the roads worldwide.

You can help to accomplish this objective by implementing the suggestions below.

Stay Safe Street Survivors!

Safety Trip Real Life Deaths

How can I contribute towards road safety?

There are two ways in which you can do so:

  • Follow the course, starting with the About page and apply the Advanced Defensive Driving techniques as you progress.

  • Feel free to share this course with as many as you would like by promoting the Website and YouTube channel as shown below:


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Safety Trip Real Life
Street Survival - Advanced Defensive Driving