Street Survival - Advanced Defensive Driving

Side (Intersection)

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At an intersection, vehicles approaching from the side, as opposed to oncoming, are less noticeable for various reasons, which are covered in this section:

Dangers Intersection Side


It can very well be a fatal mistake to assume that if you are in full view that you have been seen by other drivers on the road.


Wherever your field of vision is limited, be alert to proceed with extra caution.

Blocking Visibility

There are common scenarios where a driver’s view is limited by other vehicles on the road. This section impresses on the student where such dangers lie.

Narrow Vision

In addition to the above section on 'Blocking Visibility,' there are other obstacles that will narrow one's vision and is good to be aware of.


When a driver is in a rush, he or she is prepared to forego normal precautions.


Never enter an intersection at an unanticipated speed, be it excessively fast or slow and whether it is from the side or the main road.


Entering an intersection at high speed seems like a common-sense danger, however some seem oblivious to the fact. Hopefully this section will help you to be more cognizant of the oblivious persons and hopefully for those that are naïve, it will help you to comprehend the danger.


Crossing an intersection at an abnormally slow speed also contains inherent perils. This section will highlight those perils.


When conditions are slippery, this can lead to vehicles overshooting the intersection and pose a risk to others.

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Street Survival - Advanced Defensive Driving