Street Survival - Advanced Defensive Driving



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Range here refers to the distance that we can see around us.

The factors determining rage of vision are:

💡 Tips:

Defensive View Range

💡 Tips to improve range of vision

  • The closer the range of vision, the slower our speed should be.

  • Under low lighting conditions, use high beam where you won't blind other road users.

  • Windows:

  •       Keep windows clean which will reduce glare.

  •       Switch on demisting when necessary.

  • Cabin:

  •       Keep internal cab lights low.

  •       Switch off cabin light.

  •       Make sure the dashboard lights are low (should change to        low automatically when headlights are switched on).

  • Dashboard:

  •       Do not place anything reflective on the dashboard.

  •       Do not shine the dashboard with any polish. Dashboard            surface should be matt and not glossy.

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Street Survival - Advanced Defensive Driving