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It is vital to be aware of what Speed Differential is.

Basically it is the DIFFERENCE (delta) in speed between your vehicle and another vehicle.

The greater the speed differential, in the event of a collision, the greater the impact will be.

All else being equal, two vehicles traveling at a higher speed and colliding with a smaller speed differential between them would be less dangerous than the two vehicles traveling at a lower speed with a higher speed differential between them.

To illustrate, you are traveling down a lane next to a stationary line of vehicles and you collide with a driver pulling out from that queue. This would be more dangerous than that vehicle pulling out into your lane at a slightly slower speed than what you are travelling.

Try to minimize the speed differential between yourself and other vehicles. For example, try not to brake suddenly or accelerate excessively.

Train yourself to be aware of the speed differential so that if it becomes too great it already makes you feel uneasy and wary of potential hazards.

Have a look at the accompanying video to see examples of this in action.

💡 Tips:

Defensive Speed Differential

💡 Dangers of speed differential between vehicles

Speed differentials between vehicles on the road can create several dangers. Some of the potential dangers of speed differentials include:

  • Increased risk of collisions: When there is a large speed differential between vehicles, it can increase the risk of collisions, especially if drivers are not paying attention or are not able to react quickly enough. For example, if one car is traveling much faster than another car and suddenly changes lanes, the other driver may not have enough time to react and avoid a collision.

  • Reduced maneuverability: Vehicles traveling at different speeds can have reduced maneuverability, making it difficult for drivers to maintain control of their vehicles. This can be especially dangerous in situations where drivers need to make sudden maneuvers to avoid obstacles or other hazards on the road.

  • Increased risk of injuries and fatalities: When a collision does occur between vehicles traveling at different speeds, the risk of injuries and fatalities can be higher, particularly for those in the slower-moving vehicle. This is because the impact forces are greater when one vehicle is moving much faster than another.

  • Increased stress and anxiety: Driving at significantly different speeds can also cause stress and anxiety for drivers, particularly if they feel pressured to speed up or slow down to match the speed of other vehicles around them.

  • Difficulty judging distance and speed: When vehicles are traveling at vastly different speeds, it can be challenging for drivers to accurately judge distance and speed, making it more challenging to make safe decisions on the road.

Overall, it's important for drivers to be aware of the potential dangers of speed differentials and to take appropriate precautions to stay safe on the road.

This can include maintaining a safe following distance, adjusting speed to match the flow of traffic, and being vigilant for hazards and other vehicles on the road.

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Street Survival - Advanced Defensive Driving