Street Survival - Advanced Defensive Driving


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Here we are looking at trying to control the space behind you so that you have a buffer zone to slow down or reverse without any impending danger.

Note the practical advice below:


  • Try to leave a larger gap ahead so that you can better control the space behind you.

  • Encourage tailgater to overtake by leaving enough of a gap in front of you.

  • Position your vehicle to the side of the lane to make it easier for the tailgater to overtake.

Moving Forward:

  • If there is a danger from behind, move forward to avoid an accident even if it means contravening the law, provided it is safe to do so. E.g., running a red traffic light.

  • When trying to increase the gap of the vehicle behind, do so in a manner that is slower and less perceptible so that the driver behind is not inclined to close the gap again.


  • When stopping behind a vehicle, try and control both the gap ahead and behind you so that if the driver ahead starts reversing, you have the space to either pull to the side or start reversing yourself. Note that it is easier to control the space ahead of you than behind you. One way to do so is to leave a larger space ahead of you and then when the vehicle behind you has stopped, very slowly move ahead into that larger than normal gap ahead of you.

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Street Survival - Advanced Defensive Driving