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Windows (Cleaning)

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Dirty windows obscure vision and is a major contributing factor to accidents.

Follow the steps below for sparkling clear windows and mirrors.

💡 Tips:

Maintenance Cleaning Windows

💡 Tips on cleaning car windows

  • Make sure the car is not in direct sunlight.

  • Remove any jewelry that could scratch the glass.

  • Open wiper arms to leave windows clear.

  • Make sure the windows are washed clean of any dirt. See body.

  • Have materials on hand:

  •      Window cleaning solution in spray bottle.

  •      Paper towels to clean wiper blades.

  •       1x Microfiber cloth to wipe on cleaning solution.

  •      1x Microfiber cloth to wipe away watermarks.

  • Spray some window cleaning fluid on paper towel and clean wiper blade of any dirt.

  • Spray window cleaning solution on Micro fiber cloth. Not on the glass.

  • Wipe thoroughly, one window at a time, starting outside before doing the inside.

  • When doing the side windows, wind down enough to be able to clean the very top. Once done, wind windows up fully again to be able to clean the remainder of the window.

  • Use the dry Microfiber cloth to wipe away any streaks or water marks.

  • Be careful when wiping down the glass, that you don't touch the surface with any part of your body, especially the inside of the glass as it will leave smudges on the windows.

  • Return the wiper arms.

💡 Tips on de-icing car windows

  • Do not use:

  •       Hot water -  This can crack the windshield.

  •       Vinegar:

  •             Even diluted in water can corrode the paintwork.

  •             Left on the windshield overnight can pit the glass.

  • Do use:

  •       Old fashioned plastic scraper but stick to the area of the            glass and be careful not to damage paintwork.

  •       Cover with a large towel, sheet, tarp, or windshield cover.

💡 Tips on defogging car windows

If you're trying to defog your car windows, here are some tips that might help:

  • Turn on the defrost setting: Your car's defrost setting is specifically designed to help remove fog and condensation from your windows. Turn it on and let it run for a few minutes to see if it helps clear up the problem.

  • Turn on the air conditioning: If your car has air conditioning, turn it on to help remove moisture from the air. This can help reduce the amount of condensation that forms on your windows.

  • Open a window: If the weather outside is dry and not too cold, opening a window can help reduce the amount of moisture in the car and prevent fog from forming on the windows.

  • Clean the inside of your windows: Sometimes, fog can form on the inside of your car's windows because of dirt or grime on the glass. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe down the inside of the windows to remove any buildup.

  • Use an anti-fog product: There are a variety of anti-fog products available on the market that can help prevent fog from forming on your car windows. These products work by creating a barrier that prevents moisture from forming on the glass. Follow the instructions carefully to ensure you apply the product correctly.

Remember to always keep your windshield and windows clean, as dirty windows can worsen the problem of fogging up.

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