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Although not common, one of the consequences of an accident are electrical cables, either overhead or an electrical box.

This page has been added to make us aware of such a danger.

It would be sad to survive an accident, only to succumb to electrocution. Take note of the practical points below:

☠️ Alert:

Safety Accident Cables

☠️ Dangers related to live electrical cables

  • Treat any cables or wires as live, even if there is no sign such as arcing, buzzing or sparking.

  • Never touch or even get close to a fallen cable as a high-powered cable can arc across a gap.

  • Stay at least 10 meters (35 feet) from a cable. Rings of voltage surrounding the cable can still electrocute you from a distance.

  • Also make sure there are no items in contact with the cable that could transmit the current.

  • Stay in your vehicle, unless threatened by other dangers such as fire or smoke.

  • If you have a cable across your vehicle and you have to get out of the vehicle, note these points:

  •       Being careful not to touch any conductive surfaces, open          your door. It may be best to use some item to shield your          hand from a metal handle.

  •       Always use your right hand. If electricity courses through          your body, it is further from the heart.

  •       Try and touch with the outside of your hand. If electricity          flows through your hand, it will involuntarily tense the                  muscles in your fingers and you won't be able to let go of          the conductive object.

  •       Stand on the threshold with your feet together.

  •       Jump clear of the vehicle, being careful not to touch the            body while jumping.

  •       Once your feet hit the ground, shuffle or bunny hop to              safety. Always keep your feet as close to each as possible:

  •             Shuffle - Keep your feet together on the ground, never              lifting up, and sliding one foot forward at a time.

  •             Bunny hop - Keep both feet together and hop like a                    bunny.

  •       Do not crawl.

  •       Do not touch the ground with your hands.

  •       Do not touch your vehicle or anyone in the vehicle.

  •       Try to get at least 10 meters (35 feet) away from the vehicle.

  •       Call emergency services and explain the electrical threat.

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Street Survival - Advanced Defensive Driving