Street Survival - Advanced Defensive Driving



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Preparing for an accident by familiarizing yourself with the procedure to follow BEFORE any such event occurs, will minimize finding yourself bewildered in the face of such an incident.

Familiarize yourself with the steps below:

  • If you can do so, stop your vehicle in a safe place out the way of other traffic.

  • Put on your hazard lights.

  • Check that both you and others in the vehicle are not seriously injured.

Safety Accident Procedure

Serious Injuries

  • If there are no further threats, it is best for those injured to stay in the vehicle. Moving may cause further injuries.

  • Phone emergency services.

No Serious Injuries

  • If you are not seriously injured then climb out the vehicle.

  • Check on occupants of any other vehicles involved and if necessary, phone emergency services.


  • If vehicles are in the path of traffic, place at least one Warning Triangle approaching the accident  scene.

  • Depending on the laws of the country you are in, generally if there are any deaths, you will need to remain on the scene and not move any vehicles until the police have arrived and filled out a report. If not, you will need to report the accident to a police station, preferably the same day.


  • Take numerous photos of the accident scene from different angles and include all vehicles involved.

  • If no camera, make a sketch.

  • Layout of the road.

  • Position of vehicles.

  • Skid marks.

  • Collision points on vehicles.

  • Damage to vehicles.

  • License plates.

  • License disks of all vehicles involved. See app below.


  • It will be handy to have an accident details recording app installed on your smart phone prior to any accident. Bear in mind that your device may be damaged in the accident, therefore also make sure you have a pen and paper stored in your glove compartment (cubby hole).

  • Take down the following details. Before installing an app, make sure it has provision for the information required in          the list below:

  •       3rd party:

  •            Personal Info:

  •                   Identity number.

  •                   Street Address.

  •                   Home and Cell numbers. Call the cell number                                straight away to make sure it is correct.

  •                   Owner info as above if not that same as the                                    driver.

  •                   Insurance details.

  •             Vehicle info:

  •                   Make.

  •                   Model.

  •                   Color.

  •                   License plate number.

  •             You will need to give the other party your same info.

  •       Witnesses:

  •             Same info as for the 3rd party personal info.

  •       Police Officer:

  •             Name.

  •             Badge Number.

  •             Police Station.

  •             Get a copy of the police report.

  •       Date.

  •       Time.

  •       Location.

  •       Description of what lead to the cause of the accident.                Make sure you describe as clearly as possible.

  •       Keep a copy of any cam footage which can be submitted          to the insurance company.

Tow Vehicle

  • If your vehicle needs to be towed, check the points below:

  • Make sure that any towing vehicle is approved by your insurance company.

  • Don't be intimidated into being forced to choose a tow truck driver.

  • Get details and photos of tow truck driver and company.

Insurance Company

  • Submit claim, making sure that all your paperwork, including pictures and video footage are in order and in a logical arrangement as this will assist in speeding up the claim.

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Street Survival - Advanced Defensive Driving